Welcome to Land for Events. We provide a location service for people who require outdoor space for events, such as land for a wedding, corporate activities or a marquee venue.


Are you looking for the perfect location
for an event, whether its a wedding,
sporting event or party.

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Have you got land that could be used for events? 

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I used Land for Events to hire a piece of land over a weekend for a private party for around 150 people. From the day I rang them with enquiries they were extremely helpful; advising me on which of their locations would best suit my needs and after doing a land viewing I came to the conclusion that the large piece of land we rented was the best for our needs.

From the time of booking to the weekend of the event I had various requirements and enquiries that I asked Land for Events and they discussed these with the land owner and got back to me within 24 hours each time.

The weekend went smoothly and I would definitely recommend using www.LandforEvents.co.uk , I’m sure I will do again.

T.L - Customer – June 2010

Land for Events, Crispins Mead, Hannington Hampshire RG26 5TZ

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